Product Overview


The Worker Management Mobile app is a multi-platform (iOS and Android) comprehensive solution that simplifies site attendance and worker compliance. It helps ensure supplier employees have the necessary certifications and licenses prior to them coming on site. With visibility into the lower levels of supply chains, it helps mitigate risk more confidently and improve compliance and safety at the individual level and streamline online training.

Avetta Technology Stack

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Worker Management App Highlights

Avetta Worker Management Mobile App makes use of the following technologies and services.

  • React Native Class and Functional Components
  • React Hooks
  • Redux for global state management
  • Firebase Crashlytics for crash analytics - Crash reporting
  • QR Code scanning - Enables worker verification
  • Deep links - Enables using a mobile app if installed, otherwise redirects to a web app.

The mobile app works across mobiles and tablets across a range of aspect ratios. Choice of React Native ensures one code base and deployment on multiple platforms, Android and iOS.

Some of the features in pipeline are as follows:

  • Analytics : Collect app analytics for insights into app usage and performance
  • SCORM : Workers will be able to take training and certifications right from their mobiles.
  • Offline sync : Uploads will work and happen in the background even if you lose internet connection.
  • Satisfy Requirements : Workers can upload images of their certificates to provide proof of compliance.
  • Geolocation/Geofencing : Used to provide automatic check in to workers

Continuous Integration, Testing and Development Flow

The app was delivered to testers through TestFlight and Google Beta to ensure a robust delivery. We created a Production, and Engineering track across Google and Apple play stores which enabled rapid delivery of features and release to Production on demand. Our testing services ensured comprehensive testing across platforms and device resolutions and ensured a robust delivery.

Agile based delivery

Small incremental sprints to ensure continuous delivery and deployment across Apple and Google Play Stores to deliver engineering builds which are available for preview to stakeholders enabling a fast feedback loop and align with business needs.

Jira was used for managing epics, stories and defects and integrated with TestRails to enable Gating of deliveries.


Our solution lets Avetta optimize their investment by maintaining only a single code base for both Apple and Android platforms and is responsive to be viewed on various device resolutions. Our software allows end customers to meet their requirements of -

  • Safer Work sites - Effectively manage site-level safety by monitoring who is coming to your work sites. Ensure they are qualified and trained to perform critical job functions.
  • Faster induction - Contracted workers are ready to work faster by completing site-specific training and assessments before they arrive at the job.
  • Reduced Risk - Reduce the risk of costly incidents and citations with visibility into each contracted worker’s qualifications and training
  • Higher Quality of work - Get the most out of your outsourcing investment by ensuring only the right people are allowed to work at your sites.

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