Joel Sequeira

Product Delivery Engineer

It always amused me to work on software applications, even when I was in my graduation BE-Electrical and Electronics in Goa College of Engineering, also when I worked in my previous firms which weren’t IT-oriented.

I am an Alumni of CDAC-ACTS, Pune. I am honored to have taken the course which not only gave me an insight into basic software but also building my passion for high-level technologies. I have also completed my M.E in Industrial automation and radio frequency engineering.

After my CDAC graduation, Numino is my first organization. It has allowed me to excel and develop my software skills. It gives me the enthusiasm to learn new technologies, architecture, cloud platforms, and various other areas.

My extra-curricular activities would be playing outdoor games, running, hiking. I like to spend time with my pets, watch football. I am a fan of Manchester United FC.

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