Suvarna M

Product Delivery Lead

Programming for me was a great exercise for creativity and it enabled me to get the best out of technology and implement new ideas and solutions. I have completed my education by doing, Masters in Commerce from the University of Mumbai. During my studies I had a craving to code hence later I pursued a short term course in software programming. I love traveling, watching movies and comedy shows. Numino has helped me to evolve as UX Designer with a focus on how design is used as an approach and culture to deliver a great user experience for our products. Possessing excellent management skills and having an ability to identify and remove impediments to build quality software applications for customers. Having a proven ability to lead by example, consistently hitting targets, improving best practices and managing time efficiently.

I have an extensive experience in Web and Mobile apps development,responsive UI development by using React Native + Redux, ANGULAR, React JS +Redux, API Service integration, SQLite, IOS Swift, AWS (Cognito, RDS, EC2, Lambda, S3, Elastic Beanstalk).

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