Yash Sampat

Product Delivery Lead

I have been on the leading edge of emerging technologies from the start of my career and have always been in positions of critical responsibility. I have good experience with client-side integrations for both mobile and web platforms and creating a delightful user experience. I've worked with smartphone apps i.e (Android and iOS), web apps, digital payment systems, and embedded devices / IoT. I have a B.E. (Electronics) degree from Mumbai University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Embedded Systems from ECIL, Mumbai.

What excites me the most about working with Numino Labs is the fact that each employee is motivated and indeed required to take ownership of the products they develop. Every engineer is a full-stack delivery engineer. At Numino, we all wear multiple hats and think about a product from end to end right from conception, design, development, testing till the final deployment and delivery.

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