Tech Skills

Server Platforms

Windows, LINUX, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure

Programming Languages

JavaScript, C#, Java, Python

Web App Frameworks

Bootstrap, Material Design, ReactJs, Angular2-8, VueJs


ReactNative, Java, Swift

Data Stores

MS SQLServer, MySQL, AWS S3, AWS RDS, AWS Dynamo DB, Azure Blob Storage, Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos Db

Network Programming

Sockets, Windows WCF, Web Services (SOAP/REST), AWS API Gateway

Realtime Data Processing

AWS: Kinesis Streams, Lambda, ElastiCache (Redis), Azure: Stream Analytics, Functions

Big Data Analytics

AWS: EMR, Kinesis Analytics, Redshift, QuickSight, Azure: HDInsight, Stream Analytics, PowerBI

Test Automation Tools

Selenium, JMeter, Gherkin, ROBOT Framework, JavaScript, Python


Docker, Kubernetes, AWS ECS, EKS, Azure Kubernetes

Product Architectures

We specialize in architecting serverless products on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. We believe in loosely coupled (micro) service-oriented product architectures that allows your business to effortlessly scale over time to a growing customer base. We focus more on building your product use cases, and less on building product infrastructure.

Product Architectures

Product Implementations

We believe in simple, reliable and maintainable product implementations. Everything else ought to be added to product implementations on an as-needed basis. Our product implementations communicate with all stakeholders of the product at every stage in the product life cycle.


Desired functionality or when things did not go as expected

Infrastructure Admins

Product Monitoring for Availability, Infra Utilization, Usage Metrics & System Performance

Product Owners

Metrics on Users, Data, Operations, Outcomes & Feature usage

Product Engineers

System Telemetry, Performance Metrics and Diagnostics logs

Product Delivery Methodologies & Processes

We don’t get caught up in terminology. Neither do we discuss processes in isolation. Our delivery methodologies & processes focus on maximizing an engineer’s time on productive work (code, test, debug, diagnose, automate & iterate) to deliver a high quality product in the earliest time frame. Any ‘excess’ (talk, documentation, or repetitive manual work) slows and de-motivates our engineers. A ‘lose-lose’ proposition that we strive to eliminate with your support.

  • Your desired product functionality, performance and go-to-market (GTM) cycles drive our product delivery plan.
  • Each Product release is divided into product delivery iterations (1-4 weeks).
  • Top priority Features, complex and risk Features are taken up in the earliest iterations.
  • Every iteration produces a newer version of your product at ‘ready-to-ship’ quality.
  • Daily automated quality tests ensure continuous product stability with addition of newer features.
We are extremely well versed with the philosophy and implementation of Agile, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (Dev Ops) & Lean Practices.

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