our foundation

Our Foundation

  • Trainings in software engineering fundamentals, Programming fundamentals, Operating System fundamentals, Database fundamentals and Networking fundamentals
  • Every individual in the organization is expected to have an extremely strong software engineering foundation. This is the common ground we work on

Our Tools

  • Trainings on architecting high performance products on cloud platforms
  • Trainings on cutting edge web app & mobile app development frameworks
  • Trainings on big databases
  • Trainings on continuous delivery automation systems & tools
our tools
Trainings & Certifications

External Trainings & Certifications

  • Seminars from Industry Experts
  • Certifications on Cloud Platforms

The Way We Work & The Way We Lead

  • Trainings on Software Engineering Practices & Agile Methodology
  • Trainings on Leading people, decision making, communication skills & interpersonal skills
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