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Product Design | Web Apps | Mobile Apps | IoT | AI/ML | Cloud Backends | Test Automation | CD (DevOps) | Custom Application Development

 product design

Product Design

  • User Research
  • Design & Research Strategy
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Experience (UX) Audit

Web Apps

  • Intuitive user experience & refined aesthetics
  • Advanced workflows, visualization & access control
  • Seamless functioning across desktops, mobiles & tablets
  • Highly secure, responsive & scalable to large number of users
web apps
mobile apps

Mobile Apps

  • Intuitive user experience & refined aesthetics
  • Seamless functioning across ANDROID & iOS
  • 3rd Party integrations, social logins, payment gateways & google maps
  • Highly secure, responsive & scalable to large number of users


  • Hardware supporting open industrial protocols for integration with sensors, machines & SCADA
  • Support for LoRa & Bluetooth for long range low power operations
  • Connectivity & scale for large number of devices & data points
  • Improved decision making through cloud analytics
Internet of things


  • AI – Chatbots, Virtual Agents, Adaptive Intelligent Apps, Knowledge Virtualization & Cognitive Learning
  • ML – Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Algorithm Design & Speech Recognition
  • Data Science – Predictive Maintenance, Recommendation Engines & Text Analysis

Cloud Backend Architectures & Implementations

  • Serverless cloud architectures
  • Transform monolithic apps to microservice architecture
  • Migrate on-premise product deployments to cloud
  • Reliability, performance & scale through Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure
  • Efficiency & scale using containerization through Kubernetes & Docker Platform
Cloud Backend Architectures
Product Testing

Product Testing

  • User research & use case testing
  • Testing of business workflows across users
  • Leverage internal common test suites
  • Functionality, security, reliability & performance testing

Test Automation

  • Minimize time to market, risk to quality & reduce cost
  • Automation architecture to cover all product components & use cases
  • Unified visualization of test results across components & use cases
  • Trace results & failures across automation run cycles & product builds
  • Expertise in Python, JMeter, Selenium, Gherkin & ROBOT Framework
Test Automation
Continuous Delivery (DevOps)

Continuous Delivery (DevOps)

  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Infrastructure, Configuration & Pipeline as Code
  • Single click deployments & rollback
  • Distributed tracing & visualization
  • Centralized log management, monitoring & alerting

Custom Application Development

  • Technology solutions specific to your business needs
  • Advanced workflows to automate your business processes
  • Rich visualization
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) – Merge with the information flow in your organization
  • Business Insights (BI) – Increase your customer base
Custom Application Development

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