Our Values

The name Numino derives from the word numinous meaning: spiritual, divine, awe-inspiring & defines the very essence of our existence as a Company. Numinos share four values that define how we go about our day to day work.


  • Prosperous careers & a thriving work environment for team members
  • Exceptional quality of experience for product end users
  • Engaging & highly transparent execution model for client stakeholders


  • Numinos are owners, doers & finishers
  • Empowered to do the right thing – use judgement over rules & processes
  • Uphold relationships


  • 360° adoption of agile philosophy & lean practices for running projects as well as all aspects of organization
  • ‘Continuous’ learning, innovation, evolution & delivery of value for team members, end users & client stakeholders


  • We love doing things well & celebrating our successes! We strive for a strong undercurrent of professionalism & skills, combined with lightness, ease & laughter in our day to day work.
  • We seek to be explicitly clear in everything that we understand, do or deliver to eliminate killjoy situations.

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