Product Overview


Pixm’s mission is to make the web more trustworthy with artificial intelligence software. Inspired by research in real-time phishing detection and recent trends in deep learning and convolutional networks, Pixm platform is designed to rapidly identify visual branding as it appears on unauthorized login domains.

This technology is designed to discover online social engineering threats (i.e. phishing) in real-time before they hit end-users. Current tools are totally in the dark when encountering new threats, relying on blacklisted URL databases and spam filters.

Phishing and related social engineering threats cost the private sector over $5–11B every year. We are introducing a new technology solution to this pressing issue that is designed to make web impersonation obsolete. Pixm - Eliminates the human error In phishing attacks.

Numino Labs team


Numino Labs has taken Pixm from idea to an enterprise-level in 18 months. Pixm is a large, multi-tenant enterprise software system designed to operate in a corporate environment such as business or government. Pixm is complex, scalable, component-based and distributed. Pixm is a natively cloud supported, build using serverless technologies providing infinite scalability out of the box.

Pixm is continuously evolving. We are adding new features, supporting new platforms and expanding to new browsers. Numino labs product delivery team grew from 3 to 12 engineers in the span of 18 months and we are continuously hiring to meet client’s demand for delivery speed and quality. We also leverage our partner’s network to meet clients one-off demands like UI-UX review, Securing Pixm network topography in Azure cloud, supporting Splunk integrations, building and supporting professional dashboards using PowerBI.

Numino Lab’s high-performance team of Product Delivery engineers, Product Delivery Leads, Product Architects and Delivery Owners are capable of working with CxO’s of any aspiring software enterprise.

Platform-Browser Matrix

Pixm Platform-Browser Matrix

Pixm Product Technology stack

  • Endpoint agents - Python, MxNet (Machine learning library)
  • MSI and Pkg installer
  • Browser Extension - Javascript for modern browsers & C# for IE
  • API - Rest APIs using Azure serverless architecture
  • Portal - React JS
  • Power BI - Dashboards for showing Analytics
  • Backend
  • Databases (SQL, NoSQL (cosmos), Storage accounts) supporting multi-tenancy
  • Key-vault
  • Redis cache
  • Service Bus, Queue
  • Automation accounts for the runbook, jobs, etc
  • EventHub
  • Azure AD
  • SendGrid

Bird’s Eye view of Pixm architecture

Pixm birdeye

Pixm Product features built by Numino Labs

  • Multi-tenancy: Master and Client-specific DBs
  • Endpoint protection (Desktop, Smartphones, and tablets)
  • Natively cloud-based (Product build ground up in the cloud)
  • Infinitely scalable Serverless architecture
  • Completely Automated Customer onboarding, processing, and provisioning system
  • Function App leveraging service bus(queues) and event hub(event hubs)
  • Power BI based Dashboards for CISO (Threat intel and License usage, see the screenshot at the end)
  • Threat review system workflow among end-users, Customer CISO Admin and Pixm Admin
  • Splunk integration and Splunk dashboard ( Visit this link -
  • Email notification system

Bird’s eye view of branching & GoCD pipeline triggers

Pixm GoCD birdeye

Thoughtworks GoCD infrastructure


Brief overview of ThoughtWorks GoCD

GoCD is an open-source Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery system. If you want a single-purposed, focused tool use GoCD. If you aren’t laser-focused on CD and prefer maximum tinker-ability, Jenkins might be for you.

End to End Visualization

GoCD’s value stream map shows your entire path to production in a single view. Easily navigate across jobs, spot inefficiencies, and optimize your process.

Complex Workflow Modeling

GoCD excels at modeling complex CD workflows for fast feedback with its modeling constructs, parallel execution and dependency management. No plugin required, out of box CD.

Advanced Traceability

GoCD helps you troubleshoot a broken pipeline by tracking every change from commit to deploy in real time.

GOCD built-in powerful abstractions
  • Multi-tenancy: Master and Client-specific DBs
  • Endpoint protection (Desktop, Smartphones, and tablets)
  • Natively cloud-based (Product build ground up in the cloud)
  • Infinitely scalable Serverless architecture

The fact that some are executed in parallel (depending on agents availability) while others sequentially:

  • Multiple Pipelines run in parallel
  • Multiple Stages within a Pipeline run sequentially
  • Multiple Jobs within a Stage run in parallel
  • Multiple Tasks within a Job run sequentially

GoCD Value stream map

Pixm stream map

GoCD Pipelines across environments

Delivery features
  • Hands off the deployment process in all environments (Dev, Test, Staging, and Prod)
  • Integrated Automated product component testing
  • Integrated automated deliveries to Chrome, Firefox stores, and Azure storage accounts
Product Delivery Technology Stack
  • Versioning - GitHub
  • CI/CD - GoCD
  • Test Automation - Selenium, Robot framework, Postman and JMeter for API testings
  • Publishing - Chrome store, Firefox store, and Azure storage account
  • Silent install using GPO on thousands of machine silently
  • Agile using JIRA, Google Spreadsheet, and Documents
Automation (capabilities to exhibit)
  • Use of Azure Services (Powershell scripts, VMs, Storage Account) for complex scenario setups involving desktops & agent e2e lifecycle.
  • Use of selenium for web UI/extension test automation.
  • Use of JMeter for API test automation.
  • Use of robot framework & Gherkin for e2e product automation testing.

Product Screenshots


Activity Dashboard for CISO


License usage Dashboard for CISO


Splunk Dashboard


Splunk Dashboard

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