Meena Barde

Sr. Product Delivery Engineer

I used to analyze every product around me and used to think about how its quality could be improved or made more friendly. So, I decided to be a 'Tester'.

In testing, many repetitive tasks need to be done, and manually repeating those tasks are not only time-consuming but also costly. Thus, the effective idea to overcome it is Automation Testing.

In my career, I have achieved automation of a very tedious project which had lots of manual work. but after automation, the work got reduced and the performance was also increased.

Numino is providing me a platform to learn new technologies and many more ways to achieve the same. I have worked on open source tools like selenium with java. The work culture in Numino is great, everyone is helpful and supportive.

I have completed my bachelor's degree in E&TC Engineering. I love cooking, traveling, and watching movies.

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