Nilesh Khochare

Sr. Product Delivery Engineer

I have completed my Master's in Computer Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai.

All my life, I’ve had two passions: Teaching and Technology. Because as much as I wanted to make the world a better place, I also couldn’t help geeking out about the latest and greatest gadget.

I followed my first love when it was time to start my career. Teaching engineering students felt like the perfect place to make a difference. But as with most things in life, a funny thing happened on the way to building my career, I found out that my passion and my expertise were not necessarily the same. And so I set out to find my new dream job, one that combined both my passions and my talents.

Numino Labs allowed me to explore my skills and apply my knowledge in the emerging fields of software development.

My strength is, I am self-motivated and a hard worker, and I always carry a positive attitude. Apart from work, I love to play chess and watch cricket.

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