Aniket Lokhande

Product Delivery Engineer

Hi, I am Aniket Lokhande. I am from Wardha. I went to pursue my Bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunication from VJTI, Mumbai, in 2017.

I am a Python enthusiast. I started with C++ and then Java, but found myself more interested in Python for its readability and vast libraries. I also enjoy working with cloud infrastructures like AWS for web development. I have used services like AWS Cognito, S3, EC2 and VPC for application building.

I joined Numino in 2022, where I got to learn Django (a Python framework) for web development and make RESTful APIs. I also got to know the development cycle and the different aspects of application building. Before Numino, I interned for three months where I thoroughly worked on the frontend (HTML and CSS).

I am a movie geek and football freak on weekends. I also like to travel and explore places. I am a risk taker when it comes to food.Since I started working as a developer, I have learned new things and technologies that I wasn’t aware of. But I have a lot to learn, and I think I have barely scratched the surface.

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